JoJo (venus87) wrote,

six rules for the gay gogo boy

You've seen him, that one at the club wearing nothing but a pair of tight-fitting briefs. He’s the one high above the crowd, “whinin’ and grindin” workin’ his body for all its worth. Love him or hate him, he is the icing on the cake of any gay club event. Among the pumping music, flashing lights and bad pick up lines, go-go boys can be seen rollin’, poppin’ and twerkin’ it for your viewing pleasure while collecting tips from generous onlookers. Most fantasize about taking one of these hot boys home but just as many fantasize about being the hot boy. So what does it take to be perched above the club wearing next to nothing? For those of you wondering, has put together some tips and advice on becoming a go-go dancer:
1. The Body: The physical appearance of your body is probably the most important aspect to becoming a go-go boy, since you are displaying yourself in underwear. It’s important to remember that everyone has different tastes. There is no particular body type for go-go dancing. Most clubs employ a variety of body types to cater to everyone’s preferences. From muscular to slim, from hairy to smooth, go-go dancers cater to everyone’s desires and fantasies.
2. Your Groove: Body is the first major component of go-go dancing. How you move it is the second most important. Remember, you must be able to dance to anything the DJ throws at you no matter how bad the mix. Luckily, most go-go boxes (usually a small platform or “box”) don’t allow for much foot movement. That, combined with a slippery surface from spilt cocktails can make for a hazardous performance. Most dancers plant their feet and move their torso and hips seductively. Too much movement can result in an embarrassing fall from the box onto a crowded, soaked dance floor.
3. Employment: Now that your body is on point and you can move it accordingly, searching for employment is the next step to go-go greatness. Start off by asking around at your local clubs that feature go-go dancers. The bar tender or the door man should be able to point you to the person who hires the dancers. You may also want to try emailing the club and sending them a few snap shots of yourself- in minimal clothing. A phone call to the club during off hours is also a good way to get in touch with the right people. Eventually, you will have to audition and show the club/promoter you have what it takes to be a go-go. A formal resume is never usually required.
4. The Gear: Go-go dancers spend a significant amount of money on underwear and swimwear. When searching for the perfect pair of go-go shorts, choose a pair that flatters your shape and features. Bright colors that attract attention are also a good choice. Boxer briefs, classic briefs, bikini briefs or just plain “booty shorts” are the styles of choice. Thongs can be worn depending on what you have to show off in the back. Beware that many gay clubs do not allow dancers to rock the ever popular “thong.” Lastly, choose the right footwear. Most clubs require go-go dancers to wear shoes for safety reasons. Certain footwear can look ridiculous with underwear. Boots such as Timberlands look hot as well as certain types of sneakers. Avoid dress shoes and flip flops. Don’t forget extra long socks to stuff your tip money in.
5. The Rules: Most clubs have similar rules for go-go dancers but they can vary, depending on the city. Some cities are more liberal than others. Generally, customers are not allowed to fondle you for an extensive period of time. Your dick and ass are generally off limits to probing hands of intoxicated customers. Tipping should be done on the side of your underwear on your hip. It is up to you to control what happens between you and the customer. Crossing the line could result in being fired or worse yet, a ticket or jail time for indecent exposure or prostitution. Clubs are usually monitored by undercover police officers so it’s important to always be aware of the rules and follow them.
6. Have Fun: Lastly, have fun. Be friendly with customers. Smile. Make a connection with your audience. Pose for pictures. Customers are more likely to tip you and enjoy your performance if you look friendly and approachable. Go-go dancing can be profitable as the tips begin to accumulate but it’s never suggested to rely on it as your primary source of income. Think of it as extra money, gravy. This keeps it fun and exciting.
Go-go dancers ultimately are the hype men for the club. They stimulate the crowd by providing customers with something beautiful to look at. They showcase the male form and are a symbol of celebration of the gay lifestyle. Any top notch club has them and their popularity has grown as gay culture has grown. So, if shakin your money maker is something you are seriously considering, these six steps will have you on your way. YOCISCO advises to always use your head and never take go-go dancing too seriously. If it’s not for you, at least you can say you spent a night towering above the club in your best Calvin Kleins. (YC)

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